Ai Weiwei

This spring, the Skirball invites you to delve into the life and work of Ai Weiwei. One of the world’s most socially engaged artists, Ai Weiwei has confronted issues ranging from the global refugee crisis to government censorship. Known for challenging the political status quo, he was detained by the Chinese government for eighty-one days in 2011 and then prohibited from traveling abroad until 2015. His position as a dissident artist has informed the tenor and reception of much of his recent work.

In anticipation of the exhibition Ai Weiwei: Trace at the Skirball, immerse yourself in the art and activism of Ai Weiwei with engaging programs and resources you can experience from home.

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  • Ai Weiwei: Trace—Skirball Curator Talk

    Virtual Talk

    Now streaming on YouTube


    Tune in to this virtual talk with Skirball curator Yael Lipschutz and learn about the forthcoming exhibition Ai Weiwei: Trace, which features more than eighty portraits by the Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei. Made from thousands of plastic LEGO® bricks and originally hand-assembled by hundreds of volunteers, the portraits in Trace depict individuals who—like the artist himself—have been detained, exiled, or have sought political asylum because of their actions, beliefs, or affiliations. Lipschutz shares insights about the installation of the exhibition at the Skirball and discusses the creation and history of the project. Stream the presentation below. 

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  • Bearing Witness Films

    Bearing Witness

    Documentary Films by Ai Weiwei | Videos on Demand

    Now streaming

    Rent: $5; Buy: $15

    Get to know Ai Weiwei as a documentary filmmaker! Newly released to general audiences, the following films provide a harrowing look at life in times of crisis. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of human rights issues around the world.

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  • Ai Wei Wei Trace

    Ai Weiwei: Trace—Mobile Guide

    Available now


    Explore the Skirball’s presentation of Ai Weiwei: Trace online! Created by Ai Weiwei (b. Beijing, 1957), one of the world’s most provocative and socially engaged artists, the exhibition—which features three of the original installation’s six floor panels—portrays individuals from more than twenty-five countries around the world whom the artist and various human rights groups consider to be activists, prisoners of conscience, and advocates of free speech.

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