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  • Detail of the engraving "Europe Supported By Africa and America" by William Blake, 1796

    Cross-Cultural Encounters in Art


    Wednesdays, September 29–November 3, 10:30 am–12:00 pm (PT)

    $180 General; $150 Members

    Celebrate creative explorers who seek out new life and new civilizations here on Earth. Learn how artists around the world have navigated the impacts of colonialism and conflict to call for justice, empathy, and understanding.

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  • Jewish Children's Orchestra, 1935

    The Mandolin in Jewish Life (and Beyond)


    Thursdays, October 7–28, 11:00 am–12:30 pm (PT)

    $120 General; $100 Members

    In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, mandolin clubs and community orchestras were ubiquitous in Ashkenazi Jewish communities. Frequently associated with progressive social and political movements, the mandolin served a central role in music education at Jewish schools and provided one of the only outlets for pre-war Eastern European Jewish women to express themselves musically.

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  • Still of Amy Adams in the film Arrival

    Science Fiction Movie Discussion Group

    Other Frontiers | Online

    Tuesdays, October 5 and 19, November 2 and 16, 7:30–9:00 pm (PT)

    $80 General; $70 Members

    Trace the history of science fiction on the silver screen! For the next installment of our popular movie discussion series, join us for lively conversations about the following films, the contexts in which they were made, and the ways their stories, characters, and ideas continue to influence culture and politics to this day.

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  • Collection of books featured in the Skirball's 2021 Fall/Winter Book Group

    Skirball Book Groups: Alternate Realities


    Fall–Winter 2021

    $150 General; $130 Members

    Open yourself up to new cultures and ideas through fiction and nonfiction! Under the direction of a professional book group facilitator, discuss the characters, themes, and motifs of five critically acclaimed books with a thoughtful cohort of fellow readers.

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  • Pencil and notebook

    Introduction to Creative Writing


    Mondays, September 20–November 8, 7:00–9:00 pm

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    New to creative writing and seeking a safe space to explore? This evening class offers the opportunity to experiment with a variety of genres, including poetry,fiction, and personal essay, in a playful and productive environment. Use writing prompts to generate new work each week and receive supportive feedback to improve your writing and sharpen your creative mind.

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  • Creative Writing Course

    Advanced Creative Writing


    Tuesdays, September 21–November 9, 11:00 am–1:00 pm (PT)

    Registration for this class is now closed.

    Fine-tune your writing skills in this close-knit workshop. Spend time each week exploring different elements of the craft, including shaping a scene, building tension, and using syntax to amplify the narrative voice. Self-editing is key as you respond to classroom critiques and take your manuscript to the next level. Ideal for writers of fiction, personal essay, and memoir.

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