Skirball Virtual Classroom

Rooted in Jewish tradition and American democratic ideals, the Skirball’s school programs illuminate the inherent value of each human being. Through vivid storytelling and participatory experiences, our student-centered cultural programs foster empathy, collaboration, and civic engagement—essential tools for creating just and resilient communities.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards and California Arts Standards, the Skirball Virtual Classroom features a wide range of online offerings designed to uplift and energize young learners.

  • Children looking around Ark

    Summer Noah’s Ark Program

    Pre-K–Grade 3 Tour
    Schools, camps, and organizations with summer programs are invited to board Noah’s Ark at the Skirball for an interactive tour. Young visitors become a part of the Ark’s community through hands-on learning experiences such as storytelling, music-making, building and exploring, and caring for the Ark's inhabitants.

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    The 2020 Summer Noah’s Ark Program has been cancelled in light of public-health concerns related to COVID-19. Please visit our Skirball Virtual Classroom for lesson plans and activities tailored to distance learning. We look forward to welcoming you in the future!

  • Educators and students in Noah's Ark

    Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

    Pre-K–Grade 1 School Tour
    Ignite your students’ creativity and curiosity with a voyage aboard Noah’s Ark! Inside the Skirball’s award-winning destination—featuring whimsical animals crafted from repurposed everyday objects—students learn the values of community and collaboration through hands-on experiences. Incorporating storytelling, music-making, and imaginative play, Noah’s Ark educators invite students to connect with one another and work together as they bring this timeless story to life.

  • Students in Noah's Ark

    Build a Better World: Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

    Grade 2 School Tour
    Winner of the California Association of Museums’ Superintendent’s Award for Excellence in Museum Education!
    Travel through the story of Noah’s Ark and participate in a hands-on service-learning project designed to foster empathy, collaboration, and civic responsibility. In partnership with organizations such as LA Family Housing, Chrysalis, and Heirs to Our Oceans, this tour focuses on one of three themes—caring for the earth, helping people in need, and protecting animals—inviting students to take action on behalf of the greater good. Back in your classroom, take part in a service-learning project that builds on your visit. Select schools will receive an in-class follow-up workshop led by a Skirball educator.

  • Kids playing in the Noah's Ark exhibition

    After-School Noah’s Ark Program

    Pre-K–Grade 2 Tour
    Organizations with after-school programs are invited to register for facilitated, interactive visits to Noah’s Ark at the Skirball. Tours are available on select Tuesdays afternoons, during public Museum hours, throughout the school year. Each program includes educator-led activities along with exploration time aboard Noah’s Ark. 

  • Students at the Skirball

    At Home in LA

    Grade 3 School Tour
    This interactive program celebrates the incredible diversity of the City of Angels and the universal values of welcoming others, caring for each other and the world around us, and teaching and learning. Students make music together, discuss their own families’ cultural celebrations around a Jewish holiday table, explore major life events through everyday objects, and create a take-home project to inspire service learning.

  • students looking at architecture

    Architecture at the Skirball

    Grade 4 School Tour
    Students discover the art and science of architecture by exploring the dynamic indoor and outdoor spaces of the expansive Skirball campus, designed by internationally renowned architect Moshe Safdie. Students then act as architects and civic planners as they engage in a collaborative building project.

  • Students in Visions and Values

    Americans and Their Family Stories

    Grade 5 School Tour
    Students explore the experiences of people from around the world who have immigrated to the United States. They delve into personal stories and examine objects from various cultures and across time periods to understand the striking commonalities and stark differences among immigrants’ experiences. Through immersive storytelling, students re-enact an American immigrant experience at the turn of the twentieth century by going through the process of entering Ellis Island and attending public school in 1908. They learn about the harrowing challenges many immigrants to the US have faced and the courage people bring with them on their journey to find a new beginning.

    Read about one classroom’s Americans and Their Family Stories experience.

  • Docent teaching students

    Archaeology of the Near East

    Grade 6 School Tour
    In an immersive archaeological dig site modeled after ancient cities discovered in the Near East, students use authentic archaeological tools to excavate, collect, and analyze replica artifacts. Then they present hypotheses about the history, commerce, religion, and cultural practices of people from the Iron Age. Participants learn how archaeologists study objects from the lives of people who have come before us in order to appreciate their contributions to our lives today.

  • Students working on project

    Skirball Student Residency Program

    Grades 9–12 Residency Program
    Each year, the Skirball facilitates a high school residency program that encourages students to engage with issues important in their lives. By using art as a tool for civic and social action, residency students ignite their self-confidence, imagination, and sense of agency. Over the course of multiple weeks, students explore and express aspects of their own identities through a collaborative creative practice. Each residency culminates in a professionally produced, student-created program. This academic year, the presentation will be held online.