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From left to right: Hugh Masekela The Promise of A Future album cover, courtesy of Spotify; Mônica Salmaso Trampolim album cover, courtesy of Spotify; Jorge Drexler Salvavidas de hielo album cover, courtesy of Spotify; Sayon Bamba Disko tek album cover, courtesy of Spotify; Cha Wa Spyboy album cover, courtesy of Spotify; Kishi Bashi Omoiyari album cover, courtesy of Spotify; Gavin Turek Good Look for You EP cover, courtesy of Spotify; Gaby Moreno Ilusión album cover, courtesy of Spotify

Thursday, April 9, 2020
By Jen Maxcy

Hi, everyone! This is Jen Maxcy, Associate Director of Public Programs at the Skirball. As a cultural programmer, I love bringing people together for collective and joyful experiences. But for now, we must find new ways to connect from home. Through this crisis, I have come to further appreciate the importance of music as a uniting force. From neighbors across Italy singing on their balconies, to live music streams produced by artists from all over the world, it’s clear that music is indeed a universal language.

This is something we rediscover year after year at the Skirball, as we bring people of all backgrounds together to experience music that spans the globe. In hopes of bringing a small piece of the Skirball to you, I reached out to my colleagues, past and present, to compile two Spotify playlists: #SkirballAtHome: Unwind and #SkirballAtHome: Groove. Each playlist is made up of artists who have performed at the Skirball over the years.

Especially in times of challenge, I believe music has the capacity to move us, remind us of our shared humanity, and perhaps express what we all might be feeling. Whether you need to relax or dance it out, I hope these playlists lift you up.


Jen Maxcy has been with the Skirball for nearly ten years, first working in Family Programs and then Public Programs for adult audiences. Once a singer in a Boston rock band, Jen is still drawn to rock & roll and the blues, but can appreciate a good groove, thoughtful lyrics, and expert musicianship no matter the genre. She agrees with Maya Angelou who said, “Music was my refuge.”